Water Jet Cleaner
High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner is widely used for the cleaning purposes of turbines, cooling towers, rotary kiln, agitators, riser ducts, pump impellers, etc. It ensures to reduce plant downtime and enhance water conservation.
Sewer Jetting Pump
Sewer Jetting Pump is widely used for ensuring safe and effective removal of blockages in sewer lines. This uses water at high pressures so that it can effectively clean the sewers with minimum labor.   
Pressure Washer
Pressure Washers are finer than conventional cleaning techniques on account of their speed and cleaning efficiency. Safety and absolute functionality are ensured. 

Jet Cleaners
 Water Jet Cleaners are suited for the cleaning of rotary oven, agitators and others. These are offered with the advantages of reduction in plant downtime, labor saving methods and absolute plant protection.
Water Blasting Machine
Water Blasting Machines are provided with umpteen benefits such as ability to work in all possible conditions. These are suitable to deal with the chemicals, solvents and caustics. 

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